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Hi, my name is Beth (I say this like someone is reading…which I’m not convinced anyone ever will). This is just a brief introduction to me and why I’m here writing my first ever blog post. I’m horribly unfit (in my head I’m Paula Radcliffe) and I’ve decided to do something about it- aiming for ridiculous goals all the way.

English: English long-distance runner Paula Ra...

English: English long-distance runner Paula Radcliffe with daughter Isla at the 2007 New York City Marathon. Photo taken and attributed to Alan Cordova (NYC). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I want this blog to be a training diary as I work towards the York 10k and beyond. Being honest, this isn’t the very beginning of my training. I began to run a month ago but I’m hoping this will give me the push out of the door on the horrible rainy days (I’m not convinced summer will ever appear).

I have never had a problem with dreaming big and setting myself massive goals, but this means I can lose focus or become unomtivated when the goals take too long to achieve. In a purely selfish way I think if even one person reads this it’ll make me feel too guilty to not train and keep me putting one foot in front of the other.

I have never been athletic- I run more like a flat-footed elephant than a graceful gazelle…. But if I can build my fitness and form a bit, who knows, I might not look like a lost idiot who has stumbled into the middle of a race!

My training began last month, this time I skipped the treadmill and just hit the road. For some reason I find it physically impossible to remain upright and moving in a straight line on treadmills, so this time I’ve avoided the embarrassment, which has helped a lot! However, the 2 mins. walking 2 mins. running has quickly annoyed my competitive nature! I wanted to be running marathons straight away…or at least not collapsing over walls, bright red and unable to talk. But I have resolved to stick to it this time (there have been a couple of other times where I’ve done too much and promptly got injured).

Now I’m running for 10 mins. at a time, wheezing and panting all the way. So hopefully this means I’m taking the right steps towards the 10k. Until then I will keep posting about the ups and downs to keep getting me up and moving.

Any comments or feedback would be much appreciated, especially on any other ways to improve my running/finding this third lung all runners seem to have!