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Along with the rest of the country, I settled down to watch the London marathon this morning. It never ceases to amaze me; the stories and obstacles that have been overcome by the people who complete the distance. To be honest, it makes me wonder what I’m complaining about when it’s drizzly and I don’t want to go out!

For the first time, someone I knew actually competed in the marathon this year and she has been a true inspiration to everyone, training through horrible circumstances to finish to day in just over four hours. I think that kind of strength even through adversity is the true spirit of the marathon and I don’t think this could have been displayed any clearer than by the 30 seconds silence. It was a perfect show of strength after horrible events.

Maybe one day I’ll manage to get myself there! (Though not in one of those costumes, I don’t understand how people don’t boil when they’re wearing them!!)