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As I have mentioned before, this isn’t my first attempt at running. Previously I have started in (don’t judge me) my gym trainers. Which are great for the gym but not exactly supportive for running! Three or fours runs in I would always end up hobbling home with sore ankles and knees, eventually ending up with shin splints. So, finally, I decided enough was enough. It was time for me to man up and get some real running shoes. (As an unemployed graduate spending so much money isn’t an easy decision to make).

Next task, to find a good running shop! My local Up & Running had just closed so after some internet searching and getting lost twice on the way, I ended up in Natterjack. (This is a shameless plug, but the staff were great, very very helpful and gave me all the time I needed, I’m very indecisive so this is a big thing for me). First of all, gait analysis…given my treadmill balance issues this was terrifying! But I managed to stay upright long enough to get the verdict. “Neutral left foot, severely overpronating right foot.” Oh good…both of them being one or the other would just be too simple.


With that assessed, I was shown in the direction of stability shoes to try and stop me overpronating, hopefully heralding the end of shin splints! I was given four pairs to try on, all were good shoes but to be honest the minute I put on the Sauconys it was true love. Normally I am a bright colour fiend, white shoes aren’t my thing, I like offensively loud colour combinations, but for these I have made an exception (I have the blue and white version).

Once I had tried the shoes, I took another run on the treadmill to see how they felt. They were great, the mid-sole support stopped my ankle from rolling and kept my foot in a much better position. I also love the comfort, even though I’ve got narrow feet I tend to buy wider shoes which can lead to blisters but after about 30 miles in them I haven’t even had one hot spot.


The rubber sole grips well, I’ve put them through everything from the road to muddy tracks without any issues. I have also later read that the bouncier rubber in the heel is new, if so this is a great addition as it makes it feel like you’re getting a lot more off each step. However, the one downside I felt when trying it alongside other shoes is that the extra support gives a bit of extra weight. Now this is fine for me, I’m hardly going to be running world records any time soon, but may be a consideration for others.

All in all, I would definitely recommend these shoes to any of my friends starting out running who overpronate, but they seem much better suited to a beginner than a serious runner! The cheapest I have seen them is here; http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/pro-grid-phoenix-5-womens-p178287?gclid=CJn01ezk3bYCFe3LtAod3nQACQ