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Happy Tuesday! Today is a rest day for me, which I’m not too happy about. I’m bored and sat stewing on the sofa, itching to get outside. The sensible side of my brain is saying no though, my knee has been niggling since yesterdays run. So instad, I’m sat with my feet up (frozen peas on my knee) and a cup of tea in hand, reading about the benefits of rest days. To make myself feel a bit better about not doing anything today I thought I would put some of those reasons down here. Hopefully it’ll remind me sometimes it’s better to stay inside and watch terrible TV, however much you don’t want to.

The Benefits of Rest Days:

1. Aids recovery and reduces the risk of overuse injuries – bone, tendon and ligaments need a day off or two a week to allow repair, making them stronger. Also, if you’re big on muscle growth, this occurs during rest periods! So hopefully, today kicking back and relaxing will allow my knee to get back to normal.

2. Stops you getting ill – putting your body under stress by exercising constantly can compromise your immune system, meaning you’ll be more susceptible to colds and flu!

3. Keeps you relaxed – stressing your body through exercise can lead to high levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. Resting allows levels to get back to normal to keep you alert and productive.

4. Maintains your fuel – a day off in every week allows your body to restock glycogen stores, meaning you can keep going for longer before hitting the end of your reserves.

Last and most definitely not least;

5. It prevents mental burnout – it is very hard to remain motivated doing the same thing day in day out for months. Bad weather and bad days without a change of scenery or rest is enough to drive anyone back under their duvet! To keep galvanising yourself into motion even when it’s pouring down and miserable you need at least a little cross training or a day putting your feet up. Even after such a short space of time it amazes me how much after a rest day I am itching to go for a run!

Hopefully today off will be a magic cure for my knee and tomorrow I’ll be back on the road!