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So, after my day of self pity yesterday I’ve had a bit of a reality check this morning. I’ve been reading about Irene van Niekerk. Wow, I feel bad for complaining!!! Irene is 15 and has lived in a squatter camp in Pretoria for the last 6 years. If that wasn’t enough to make me feel bad for complaining when I have a roof over my head and home comforts then I don’t know what would be!


This girl is truly amazing though. She has suffered some hearing loss from chronic infections, is malnourished from having too little food and has lost some toes from having boiling water spilled on them. Depsite all of this, she is consistently winning the 800m and 1500m at school events (running barefoot!).

Though some money was raised to buy her custom made running shoes, these were stolen and sold by a drug addict in the camp so she still runs shoeless. Because of all of this, Pastor Skip Moen has set up a campaign to raise money to help her out of the camp by paying her entry fees etc. so she can race her way into the public consciousness.

Reading all of this gave me a complete reality check. So my run yesterday didn’t go as planned…myself and my family are healthy, happy and comfortable. That means I have a lot more than many people out there!

On that note, I’m going to nail my run for today and sign up for the Race for Life 5k in June. For those of you who might not know, the Race for Life is a chain of events set up by Cancer Research UK. They are women-only 5k & 10k runs, where the purpose isn’t racing, but fighting cancer together. Everyone gets a sign to write on and attach to their back, saying who you are running for; a relative you have lost to cancer or a friend who has survived! The atmosphere is always great (I shuffled one of these about 5 years ago) and lots of money is raised for charity, what more motivation could I want?