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So today’s run is done, 3 x 5 minutes with a walk in between. Had you said that to me 3 weeks ago I’d have laughed at you, now I found it…easy?! I was skipping half of the recovery walks (naughty I know) to get on to the next run because I was ready to go and bored of walking. Which made me think of how far I have actually come.

I’m over half way through C25K now and my fitness has improved more than I anticipated, though the 20 minute run I have on Friday is mildly terrifying. I remember when running 1 and a half minutes could be challenging, now when I have that left of a run it seems like nothing. I’m wondering how long it can continue for though. Surely running 30 minutes isn’t ever going to seem easy, so when is the improvement going to stop? (I’m hoping never, but that seems a bit optimistic) More to the point, how will I keep motivated if my progress slows or even stops? I know all of this is a long way in the future but it got me thinking.

I know whatever happens, even if I hit a point where nothing helps me improve, I don’t want to go back to doing nothing and being lazy. So I’ve made a promise to myself, even if it seems like I’m not getting anywhere, to keep pushing and trying my best. To keep trying to improve and keep challenging myself even on the bad days and just to drag myself out of bed when it seems the comfiest place on earth.


And on another, more ironic note, I had to laugh when this was the song that came on shuffle for the last two minutes of my run: