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I’m going to be honest, this morning the last thing I wanted to do was run. I’m absolutely shattered (side effect of a new part-time job), I was starving hungry and my legs felt like lead. That isn’t even an exaggeration, walking was pretty challenging. So this coupled with the fact today was my first unbroken run was a marriage made in hell. After about 10 minutes protesting on the sofa that I couldn’t possibly run for 20 minutes, that I was too tired, that lack of food would mean I couldn’t do it, I went onto autopilot and set off. I think my body completely overrode my brain and I was out of the door before I could protest.

I’m pretty happy that happened…..I did it!!! Week 5 is complete, the dreaded 20 minute run overcome. Ok, so it wasn’t pretty. Or even remotely fast, half of it dropped to shuffling pace, but it was a run, 20 minutes of it. That’s the longest so far and I’m pretty happy about it!

I also hit that happy place where I was no longer thinking about where to put my feet or how long was left, but instead daydreaming about what to do later on and wondering if Don’t Tell The Bride was on TV tonight (my favourite guilty pleasure).

So I might have been a sweaty horrible mess, and I might still not feel like a runner (as the very happy lady on my app told me I definitely was now), but I’m one step closer!

fitness-health-motivation-running-true-Favim.com-421779I have some seriously achy ankles and shins now, so I’m treating myself to my favourite lunch; smoked salmon on Ryvita and putting my feet up! Maybe I’ll even go crazy and have a hot bath after work. I feel I’ve totally earned it, it might not be a massive step, but at least it’s one in the right direction.