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So I did something stupid today…. I forgot to pick up all my running kit to take with me when I came home after the weekend. Sports bra, running shoes, gym trainers and headphones are all currently sitting happily in a carrier bag 50 miles away. Ideal.

My reaction? Skip my run? No (though I did think about it). Instead I rooted out what can only be described as fashion trainers from when I was about 15. And minus any of my usual kit I hit the road.

Half an hour later I returned. 5 hours later I am still in agony. I’ve strained my groin, whether that’s down to incorrect gear or inadequate stretching is anyone’s guess but I’m annoyed. In fact fuming is probably a better description. Mainly with myself, why did I forget my things?? I’m meant to be responsible by now!

I can’t decide whether Deep Heat or ice is the best option but I’ve got my feet up (mainly because I’m walking like a pirate) and I’m hoping that will sort it quickly. Any recovery tips would be very welcome!