It has been a day of up and downs; the down being my pirate-style limp and the up being nominated for the Bouquet of Three Award! (Signing up for my first half-marathon may be an up or a down- I’m reserving judgement as of yet!). I am absolutely amazed that anyone is even reading the ramblings that tend to exit my head in a slightly jumbled manner, never mind that care enough to give me this award!
So firstly a massive thank you to Follow Your Heart And Life Will Follow go check her blog out it’s great!

Now, here we go!

1. Display your award picture
2. Thank the person who nominated you, link them back in your post

I’ve already inserted the link above but can’t say thank you enough!!!

3. Pass the nomination on to 15 Bloggers you have recently discovered

I’ve picked these blogs (they’re in no particular order) because they’ve all commmented on my blog at one point or another and I want to say thank you for those pick-me-ups, they’ve really helped keep me going.

1. Any Excuse To Wear Trackpants

2. A Beginner Runner

3. Running With Sam

4. Running Tall Tails

5. Radiant Runner

6. Fit For A Year

7. World Of Nomimon

8. I Run With It

9. Two Girls, One Run

10. I Run To 50

11. On The Road To Being Happy

12. What James Did

13. What About Irene?

14. How Do You Document

15. Will Run For Tequila

4. Contact the Bloggers, to tell them that you have nominated them- I’m on it.

5. Finally, share 7 things about yourself

1- I am really quite short, I’m 5’2″ and am used to regularly being called shorty, midget or anything else along that kind of theme.
2- I have a Masters degree in Molecular Biology.
3- I currently work a very part-time job waiting to start teacher training in September.
4- I’m trying to save up to go visit my best friend who has inconsiderately moved to New York.
5- I love cricket, like football but have absolutely no understanding of rugby.
6- I’m still waiting to feel like an adult, I’m in my 20’s and I’m not sure when the responsibility is supposed to hit but it definitely hasn’t yet.
7- I’ve had cats for my entire childhood but I really want a dog (does that make me a traitor to cat lovers??)