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Today has been a great day! Firstly, The Colour Run has finally made it to the UK…and me and my friend got in!!! I am so excited there aren’t the words to describe it.
indexSecondly, Katie from The Student Dieter’s Diary nominated me for a Bouquet of Three Award! Twice in two days! I am amazed beyond words! (I’ll have to try and think of 7 more things about myself and I’m really not that interesting!).

1. Display your award picture:




2. Thank the person who nominated you

Thank you Katie! (Her blog link is above, definitely worth a look). I hadn’t read your blog before but as a recent student who ate chocolate to survive I think your efforts to change your lifestyle are great, I’ll be keeping an eye out and cheering you on :).

3. Pass the nomination on to 10 (I’ve decided on 10 because 15 is pushing it seen as I’m pretty new here!) recently discovered bloggers:


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Tea And Giggles

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Southern Fried Thinker

4. Contact the bloggers

I’ll be on it as soon as this is posted!

5. Share 7 things about yourself

1- I am an only child.

2- Noone knows I have this blog, I’m scared people would take the mick and it is so personal.

3- I have size 4 feet.

4- My iPhone is the love of my life, if I am parted from it I feel a sense of loss.

5- I love painting my nails all different colours.

6- My guilty pleasure is Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food, I can demolish an entire carton in one go.

7- I absolutely love pears.