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After Saturday’s failed attempt at the 25 minute run I must admit I lost a lot of confidence. I don’t know why it didn’t work out for me then, maybe it was the fact it was pretty hot or that I was distracted by the million other things that were going on. Either way, to get myself out of the door yesterday took a massive effort and an hour long internal argument. (It went something like this: “You’re an idiot thinking you can do this, look at what a mess you were on Sunday” “But I don’t want to quit that would be really annoying” “Give it up fatty”)


Despite all of this, with a little shove from my mum, I went and I did it! I feel like a con though, because after 2 minutes I had to stop for 30 seconds while crossing a road. Somehow, that has made me feel like I didn’t do it at all so I shouldn’t be too happy with myself! Either way, I’m trying to be more positive and put bad things behind me. Not completing that run could have really held me back because I tend to obsess about things that have gone wrong, not what has gone right. So in future, I’m going to try to be more optimistic!

On another note I shall be reviewing my new headphones after tomorrows run, but right now we are not friends and I have been using my iPod headphones again! If anyone has any recommendations of good sports headphones they would be much appreciated?

I have also just noticed in the Recommended Tags section are the tags “smoking cessation” and “substance abuse”….. I don’t know what the computer is trying to tell me but I’m more than a little confused….

Today is a day off and the weather is horrible so I’m going to start reading some of my course books ready for September (this level of preparation is new to me and I can only blame it on boredom!)