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A couple of weeks ago, I finally lost my rag with using iPod headphones while running and ordered some sports headphones instead. After much trawling of the internet (and realising I couldn’t afford the Bose ones I was drooling over) I settled on the Sennheiser PMX70’s due to the numerous positive reviews. So here is my take on them!


The Good

1. The sound quality. It’s great, they distinguish themselves as much higher quality than the iPod headphones straight away. The music becomes much more crisp and clear, sometimes I heard songs in a completely new light! I am also quite a dubstep fan and I’ve got to say the bass is incredible. Also, as I mainly run on roads, I was happy to note that even with this quality, they are by no means noise-cancelling headphones, so I felt safe and aware of what was around me at all times.

2. The security. These things aren’t moving while you’re running! I am by no means a graceful runner, I tend to thud up and down on the pavement with the lightness of an elephant, but still they didn’t move an inch.

3. The colour. The headphones are grey and lime green, a pleasant change from white, but some more colour choices might be nice.

4. They’re waterproof. I have run in torrential rain and sweat buckets in these and they haven’t been affected in the slightest. This is a pleasant change from some cheaper headphones which become tinny at the first sight of moisture.

The Bad

1. The fit, and this was a massive issue for me. These aren’t traditional in-ear headphones, they instead loop over your ear and then sit facing into your ear. I initially thought the problem with these facing forwards would be a loss of sound, however, it was the lack of comfort which affected me.

UntitledNow maybe this was a problem for me because I’m small, but I found it horrendously irritating! The neckband was too large and banged on the back of my neck and my ears constantly felt like something was stuck in them.


For quality and price, I can’t fault these headphones, I absolutely love the sound. However, I can’t deal with the fit, so I’m considering buying a new pair of Sennheiser in-ear headphones instead. With so many positive reviews online, I think I am in the minority with the fitting issues, and actually my friend has a pair and loves them, so if you’re willing to take the risk with comfort you may be pleasantly surprised!

If anyone has any recommendations of good (reasonably priced) headphones, they would be much appreciated.